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Franchise With Us!

Franchise With Us!

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In 2005, Broadway Subs was established so that our community could enjoy a really great hot or cold sub. We envision a great sub to be made with quality deli meats, remarkable cheeses and fresh toppings piled high on your choice of fresh baked bread. Unlike our competitors, you get more than what you pay for! When it comes to quality, refusing to compromise has been an important part of our legacy. It’s why we choose only the leanest, tastiest cuts of meats, great imported cheeses and the best farm-to-table produce.


Be a part of a winning brand that keeps customers coming back for delicious meals made just the way they want. Our easy to prepare sandwiches are made to order right in front of the customer using freshly baked breads, select sauces and a variety of delicious toppings. We serve food made with produce that is grown, packed and shipped locally, and then handled with the utmost care at our store. At Broadway Subs our food is simple; and it's fresh!


As a leader in the fast-casual sandwich industry, the demand for our uniquely-prepared Specialty Subs is blazing with our strong brand identity, exceptional want for franchisee relationships, and passionate executive team, Broadway Subs franchises are perfectly poised for development with the right investor. Our fast-casual food expansion is wisely calculated to optimize potential, profitability, investment, and of course, our franchisees' success. As we grow, we're entering new markets along the way as well as expanding in existing fast casual franchise markets. With a location flexibility of 3 miles radius or 40,000 population and an easy-to-run operation built on simplicity and efficiency, our start-up costs are lower than most restaurants.


Today more than ever, people are paying close attention to what they eat. Consumers demand high quality fresh product and expect a pleasant experience, in addition to fast service. Fresh and fast is where the Fast-Casual sector of the restaurant business has flourished, attracting a quick moving, affluent customer base that has money to spend and demands higher quality than traditional “fast food” offers. The sandwich sector continues to show strong growth and provides a product with a stronger perception of health and freshness than burgers or fried foods. The perceived freshness and value of sandwiches continues to make them the most popular menu items. The top 500 sandwich chains accounted for over $20 billion in sales last year. And the growth of the sandwich sector continues to outpace industry standards.

We're eager to tell you more about what Broadway Subs offers franchisees as well as the communities we serve. Starting a business is a big decision, and we want to answer any questions you may have.

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